The dream - Fattoria Quercia al Poggio

All stories begin with a dream,
in this case that of Michela and Vittorio

Back in 1997, launched a major project to restore not only the buildings but also ancestral customs, old traditions and time-honoured practices, returning to Nature with the same reverence shown by the old inhabitants of the area. The buildings were modernised so they could once again become a hub of dignified work in the valley. Fifteen hectares of vineyards were replanted with lots of work going into recovering native varietals.

The old cellars, which echoed with the noises of yesteryear, were refurbished and medium-sized woods were introduced to house and preserve the precious blood of this land shed at harvest time, sacred ritual of this honest and satisfying labour, which offers the fruits of the Sangiovese and other varietals.
Today Quercia al Poggio Farm is a place inhabited by the memories of the past but with its eyes firmly trained on the future.